Paralyzed woman in Edinburg calls on public for help

The daughter of a woman left paralyzed following an injury during a Continental Airlines flight has called on the community for help.

Cynthia Herrera's mother, Sylvia Tena, was on a flight from Houston to McAllen.

When turbulence hit, Sylvia hit the ceiling in the bathroom and fell straight down.

Doctors said she is now paralyzed from the chest down with two spinal column fractures and will probably never walk again.

Sylvia is left to cover the medical expenses on her own.

"I love her and I'll do anything for her to get her to feel safe and to be home," said Herrera.

Tena, a mother of three, is in a medical bed in Edinburg with mounting medical bills, no insurance and no way to pay for anything.

The family is looking for assistance with medical supplies, remodeling work and a nursing home that will accept Sylvia without insurance.

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