Parents claim students are target of bully at a McAllen elementary school

Parents claim students are target of bully at a McAllen elementary school.

Melissa Alvarado looked through two police reports she filed after he child was allegedly hit by another student at Milam Elementary in McAllen.

In the report Alvarado claimed her son had been bullied by a specific child for three years.

It also stated that her son was punched three times in the stomach and was pushed into a hot hand dryer.

"There's nobody doing anything about it," Alvarado said.

Alvarado thought she was alone in this fight until she met Kelley Payne.

Payne said her daughter had been bullied by the same child the entire school year.

Payne said, while her daughter has not been physically abused, she has taken numerous hits verbally.

"She no longer wants to go to school," Payne said. "She cries on almost a daily basis."

Alvarado and Payne said they have spoken to the teacher, principal, and even wrote numerous emails to the McAllen ISD Superintendent.

Despite the efforts, they say their children continue to be the target of the class bully.

"It's very frustrating," Payne said.

"I don't feel like the schools thinks he's as much a threat as me and other parents," Alvarado.

Action 4 News took Alvarado and Payne's concerns to the school district.

John Wilde, with Student Support Services said, over the years, McAllen ISD has taken steps to prevent bulling in schools.

"There is always different services that can be provided," Wilde said. "The main focus here is on the victim and the bully at the same time. We want to focus on what the problem is and focus on the students."

Wilde said, while kids will be kids, the district's job is to make sure every claim of bullying is addressed.

The district told Action 4 News that they are aware of what is going on at Milam Elementary and working with the parents to resolve the issue.

Wilde said the district is getting ready to launch a bullying report system.

The system will allow students to report bullying, anonymously, over the phone or on the web.