Parents of 1-month-old baby girl, fight for custody

It TMs a case of he said, she said, and according to San Benito police, families find themselves in these types of situations often.

According to Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan, calls increase Wednesday, Friday and Sunday due to parents fighting over custody of the kids.

By the time I got there, they took my daughter inside to the other room and they were blocking the door and I couldn TMt go in, so I called the police and everything and they said they couldn TMt do anything because he is the dad, said Leonor Valladares.

Valladares claims her ex-boyfriend took her 1-month-old baby girl.

She claims her relationship was on the rocks with the man.

When the father asked to see the baby, she then took little Alize to his home and that's when her ex-boyfriend told Valladares she wasn TMt getting her baby back.

Valladares immediately contacted police, who told her they couldn TMt do anything since the man's name is on the child's birth certificate stating they both have legal custody of the 1-month-old baby.

"Parents are very upset when it comes to their kids, they want us to kick down the door and we can TMt do that " said San Benito Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan.

It TMs a battle between the two parents and according to San Benito Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan, this is a civil case and very difficult for law enforcement to interfere, since technically no crime has been committed.

Valladares isn't alone in her fight.

Galvan says there are things a parent can do if they find themselves in this type of situation.

The first thing is to find an attorney and go to the Attorney General TMs office and file for a child support.

"It TMs a very difficult situation bottom line is, kids are the ones that end up getting hurt, parents need to grow up " said San Benito Assistant Police Chief Michael Galvan.

Valladares will have to depend on a court to make a decision or until the baby's father brings the infant back to her.

Meanwhile, Valladares told Action 4 News that he is in the process of filing for full custody of the child.