Parents of child immigrants call juvenile court looking for their kids

Dozens of parents call the 449th District Court in Edinburg searching for their children.

The court serves mostly juveniles offenders.

The children these parents are searching for are likely in the care of Health and Human Services because they are immigrants traveling unaccompanied from Central America.

"Some of the are really hysterical because they headed this way without any type of authorization without any type of authorization," Judge Jessie Contreras said.

Contreras said he's answered a few of these calls.

We can only refer them to ICE and hope they get the help that they need," he said.

The calls started about three weeks ago, some days as many as 60 come into the courts office.

Contreras believes parents mistake the detention center as a shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children.

"We are going to do our best to get them the right numbers so they can get into touch with their kids," he said.

Answering these calls has given Contreras a new perspective on the immigration influx, he says politicians need to find a solution.

"They are just blaming the juveniles and the president or somebody else or mighty mouse but get to work and do something about it," Contreras said.

In the meantime Contreras said he doesn TMt mind the calls.

"Our message is if they want to keep calling here they can keep calling, we don't mind assisting," Contreras said.