Parents of toddler found alone in the cold appear in court

Couple appears in court

Parents of a toddler found outside and alone in freezing temperatures faced a judge.

The Edinburg couple has been formally charged for the crime.

The Edinburg couple is sitting in the Hidalgo County Jail, and they are charged with child abandonment and endangerment for letting their 18-month-old son walked right out of their home.

This afternoon, Andy Garza and Annette Luna stood quietly as they were charged after the child was found roaming the streets wearing only a onsie in 30 degree weather.

The pair was arrested by Edinburg Police Department, just hours after their son was spotted by a motorist in front of a local middle school around 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

An Edinburg school police officer took toddler to the school nurse to be checked for hypothermia.

Judge Palacios said the severe cold played a factor in setting their bond at $40,000 each.

"Of course it's an endangerment of child. It's the weather. If it had been a nice sunny day, maybe it might have different bond," Edinburg Municipal Court Judge Terry Palacios said.

Authorities said the parents were found in an apartment across the street from the school.

The door was slightly open and music was playing, according to authorities.

The parents were alseep and unaware the child had left the house.

Investigators said they suspect the parents may have overslept due to consuming alcohol the night before.

Neither Garza or Luna have a criminal record, prior to this occurrence.

If the Garza and Luna are convicted, they each face anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Edinburg police said they are still investigating and are working with Child Protective Services on the case.

Right now, the couple's three children are in the care of relatives.

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