Parents protest to keep principal

It is the last day of school for students at Donna ISD.

Instead of celebrating the day, many parents are protesting a personnel swap.

They should listen to the parents, said Maggie Villazana who is a parent of a Donna ISD student.

Parents were informed yesterday the principal at B. G. Guzman Elementary School will be transferred to Singleterry Elementary School.

Christopher Park was promoted to B. G. Guzman Elementary principal after serving as the Assistant Principal at Singleterry Elementary.

Parents tell Action 4 since Park has taken over the school, they have seen improvements in the quality of education.

Everybody loves him, as far as the students I have no complaints for him and I don TMt see why he should be transferred, parent Thomas Contreras said.

The district is preparing for big changes. Two schools will be added next year causing rezoning and a personnel shuffle.

Next year we will have two high schools instead of one, four middle schools instead of three, Donna ISD superintendent Roberto F. Loredo said. So that dictated that we rezone boundaries.

Loredo confirmed Park will be moved and said he made the decision in the best interest of the school district.

Some parents suspect STAAR test results may be the cause for the switch.

We TMve looked at the preliminary STAAR results, but in this particular assignment you are talking about, it is a lateral move, Loredo said.

Parents are not happy with that answer.

They say principal Park has brought much needed change to their children TMs education and they do not want to lose him.

I don TMt see why they have to move him. He is a real big encouragement to the kids, Villazana said.

Parents tell Action 4 they have started a petition to keep Park.