Parents saving half a million dollars on college expenses

Parents saving half a million dollars on college expenses

Mauricio Amezcua told Action 4 News he and his family never discussed his desire to go to college"but there was never a doubt in his mind that he would go.

"I wanted to continue my education," Mauricio said.

There were concerns with how he would pay to achieve that dream.

But for Mauricio and 32 other students at Hidalgo Early College High School they have already nailed down an Associate TMs Degree"making college a little more affordable.

"It's a great savings to parents, Assistant Principal for HECHS, Alex Rodriguez said. It make college a lot more affordable."

He said, cumulatively, 124 students will save $500,000 by taking college courses while still in high school.

32 of those students will graduate with an associate TMs degree and out of the 200 graduating seniors only 7 did not earn Early College hours.

"They're entering college prepared and with a lot of the financial burden removed from those first couple of years," Rodriguez said.

Superintendent for Hidalgo ISD Librado De Hoyos told Action 4 News the district's goal is to get 100 percent of their student to graduate with college credits next year.