Parents speak on troubled San Benito runaway

Juana Castro fought tears when asked to describe what happened to her son.

It was after 2:00 p.m. Thursday when school officials called her to say Eduardo Castro was missing.

After a teacher scolded the 15-year-old for throwing papers, Castro said her son ran into a field next to his school at Veterans Memorial Academy in San Benito.

School police, a Department of Public Safety helicopter and U.S. Border Patrol canines all took part in his search.

Family warned anyone who came in contact with Eduardo to be careful because of his anger.

Hours later Eduardo was found at the San Benito firing range about a mile away.

He refused to get in a police car so family went to him.

There, he hid his face and quickly climbed into his family's car.

Children, I mean sometimes they TMre unpredictable, said San Benito CISD Police Chief S.R. Garcia. You just have to work with them and show them that you care.

San Benito school police said they are thankful for the help they got from other law enforcement.

Family said their son is a good kid, plagued by a troubled mind.

It's unclear if Castro will face any punishment at his school or with authorities.