Parents upset by stricter dress code for IDEA Public Schools

Students attending all IDEA Public Schools in the Rio Grande Valley can look forward to a stricter dress code this coming fall.

But as school officials tighten up the reins, that's upsetting some parents and students.

Some students and parents have gone as far as starting a petition to stop this stricter dress code from going into effect.

School officials say they're just trying to create a positive learning environment, focused more on learning rather than what someone is wearing.

The new rules will limit students to wearing only Dickie brand, flat-front khakis with black shoes.

IDEA Public Schools Director of Data Analysis and Integrity Anne King spoke to Action 4 News.

King says the stricter policy is to eliminate unnecessary distractions such as who has the best shoes and best clothes.

"This year, we saw a lot of inappropriate pants, really tight or baggy pants, King said. We figured we could eliminate those distractions by going with one brand of pant."

King adds that administrators tried selecting a brand that is reasonably priced.

She says if any parent is has a difficult time purchasing the new, required uniforms for the 2012/2013 school year, there will be help out there..

King said administrators are still in process of getting information out to parents but those who need help just need to call their school.

More information about the dress code will be placed on the IDEA Public Schools website.