'Park Girl' customers file lawsuit to protect against foreclosure

Some 43 customers of La Feria TMs Park Girl Mobile Homes are asking a local court to step in and protect them from foreclosure.

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA) filed a lawsuit on behalf of the the customers, who are concernec about their mobile home purchases.

The Park Girl owner Jo Leigh Ares remains in custody in the Cameron County Jail under $1.2 million dollars for multiple theft charges.

Many of the clients claim that they ever received their home, were never given the title to the property or even provided with property that carried previous debts, including taxes and mortgage liens.

The customers are asking the court to prevent the collection of future payments, foreclosure, and the shutting off of utilities until their legal concerns are addressed.

These families came to us unclear and afraid of how this controversy would affect them, said TRLA attorney Raul Noriega. The legal issues go beyond holding people accountable for their actions. There are legal protections available for the victims too.

Click here to read a PDF copy of the lawsuit