~Park Girl TM released on bond

Claudia Rosales was at the Precinct 7 Constables Office early Friday morning filing out a criminal report after she heard that the embattled business owner of the La Feria Park Girl was released on bond for a second time.

She claims she too was scammed by Jo Leigh Ares.

"It's hard, said Claudia Rosales. Because I used my whole refund from that year.

Rosales works as a cashier for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in Harlingen.

The single mother of two children used her income tax refund of $6500.00 to put a down payment on a mobile home.

Rosales claims Ares sold the trailer she originally purchased to other customers not once, but twice.

When she finally did deliver a unit, it was in terrible condition.

Rosales says Ares then repossessed the home from her property.

"She told me well do whatever you have to do because I TMm (Ares) not giving you your money back, said Rosales. And hung up on me. I ended up with no money and no mobile home.

All a misunderstanding, unintentional and a matter that will be cleared up in court claims Ares' attorney Noe Robles, who started representing her just over a week ago.

"Because of a personal family feud, he evicted her, said Robles. And when this happened it just destroyed her business.

Robles says the eviction of Ares from The Park Girl property by her father triggered a chain reaction of events that lead to unsatisfactory customer outcomes.But an outcome that according to him Ares hopes to remedy.

Robles posted an attorney-surety bond on Ares behalf, making him responsible for the $200,000 in the event that she does not appear in court if and when she is summoned.

The District Attorney's Office said they did not object to the lowering of the bond by Cameron County Magistrate Luis V. Saenz. But added they do intend to help Ares alleged victims if the case makes it to court

One of the issues we do seek to resolve is the obtaining of restitution for the victims, said Chief First Assistant District Attorney Rene Gonzalez. We try to make them whole.

Robles says Ares will speak out once the case is closed.

There's going to be an answer there's going to be a response, said Robles. I don't believe that my client intended to commit any kind of theft or defraud any of her purchasers. She's an honest businesswoman. And when this is all said and done, the real liable person will be held accountable.