Park Girl Trial Pushed Back to September

Jo Leigh Ares will have to wait several more months before she gets her day in court.

On Thursday, 404th State District Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez granted a request by Ares TM new attorney, Ernesto Gamez, to postpone her trial date.

Trial was set to begin Monday, however, it TMs been reset for Sept. 16.

Ares first gained notoriety in 2011 when disgruntled clients reached out to Action 4 claiming they had purchased homes from The Park Girl Mobile Sales in La Feria, and Ares had not delivered or upheld her end of the contracts.

Since then, she's been in and out of jail and court facing multiple felony theft charges.

Gamez said he wants time to review his client TMs case and turn over information for the court to review in this complex case.

Ares did not want to comment on her pending trial, but following the hearing Gamez told Action 4 that he stands by Ares TM innocence.

"There's much here that seems to be civil, Gamez said. If there's any complaints, any issues of controversy, there are contracts in these mobile home sales that lend themselves to arbitration clauses, civil remedies of sorts."

Gamez adds he TMs unclear how many complaints against Ares he considers valid, but adds she may not be the only one who should be held responsible for the deals gone bad.

He claims many of the issues were self-imposed by those that purchased mobile homes from The Park Girl.

It's like buying a car, Gamez said, if you put a down payment on a vehicle but then decide you don't want it anymore, the money is lost.

"Well that same contractual litigation issue between the seller and the purchaser is the same on a mobile home, Gamez said. Well (the customer) want this mobile home but (then they) don't want it anymore, (or they ask to) send it back and give (them)another one - well (they) lose (their) down payment and issues of controversy should be arbitrated."