Park Girl victims demand justice

Matthew Bolin spoke out on Action 4 News over a month ago after he and his wife bought what they thought would be their dream home from The Park Girl in La Feria. After what he calls a horrific business deal, Bolin says he welcomed the news of Park Girl owner Jo Leigh Ares' arrest. I had all kinds of emotions, said Bolin. I was relieved for myself and my family and everyone else that's been affected.

Authorities launched a criminal investigation against Jo Leigh Ares following an Action 4 News report back in October. The mobile home vendor is accused of swindling her customers out of tens of thousands of dollars.

She was arrested in Idaho and released on a fugitive bond.

But now she's back where it all started, in Cameron County, but under lock and key on a $1.2 million dollar bond.

"We were working diligently to try to get her back to Cameron County, said Cameron County Precinct 7 Constable Cesar Diaz. Maybe going as far as getting a governors warrant. But we were very successful in picking her up yesterday in Medina County where she turned herself in.

Although news of Ares arrest has brought some relief to Bolin and his family, he says his legal and financial troubles that stem from the Park Girl purchase are far from over.

A man came knocking at my door saying he took over payments for Jo Leigh Ares. Said Bolin.

Bolin has several mortgage companies knocking on his door asking for money.

But he still doesn't know who he supposed to be paying since Ares arrest.

The answer isn't a simple one.

Authorities say it can be an uphill battle until the case is closed.

Homeowners need to look over their contracts and find out who is financing the home.

If it's a bank or independent financer, call them to arrange the payments.

If it's Park Girl, you might want to consider calling a lawyer.