Parking lot kidnapping at HEB may have been planned

Police say the kidnapping may have been planned

A woman was raped after being kidnapped from a super market parking lot, but it's how police found the suspect that has many surprised.

The 21-year-old suspect was caught just hours after the attack because investigators said they managed to track the victim's cellphone.

Authorities arrested Andres Angel Hernandez was Thursday. Harlingen police said Hernandez kidnapped the woman while at an HEB parking lot.

They said he pulled out a gun, and threatened to kill her if she didn't get inside his grey Chevy SUV.

Hernandez drove the woman to another location, where he raped her.

He took off with her cellphone and left the victim behind.

Once Hernandez was gone, the victim ran for help at a nearby business.

"We believe that this was something that may have been pre-planned because to have the firearm with him and the steps he took to single out the female we believe this is something possibly premeditated," Sgt. David Osbourne said.

Police pinged the victim TMs cellphone, leading them to Hernandez.

He is being charged with theft, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

Right now, he is jailed on a half million dollar bond.

Harlingen police said that every situation is different, but if you find yourself in a dangerous situation like this one, do not put your life at risk but do try to find an opportunity where you can draw attention to the situation and cry for help.

If you are with family or friends when being threatened, establishing a code word to alert others that you are in distress can also be very helpful.