Part 1 Cheating the System: Unsolved Kidnapping

Family members of Reynaldo Hernandez are hoping someone will help find the men who they said kidnapped him from his home in Hidalgo County.

He was found dead days later in Reynosa, Mexico.


Reynaldo Hernandez was known to be involved with drug cartel activity.

According to family members, he was taken by men impersonating police officers on January 4, 2012 from his home in Sullivan City.

A detail report of the incident reveals the unknown men took Hernandez and his mother to the Hidalgo International Bridge.

My brother said if he didn TMt go they were going to hurt his family and children, said a family member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Family members who saw the men told Hidalgo County investigators they saw that they were armed.

According to the report, Hernandez and his mother were told to cross into Mexico where a black truck was waiting for the two.

Hernandez was then separated from his mother somewhere outside of Reynosa.

That TMs the last time he was seen alive.


The family of Hernandez reported the kidnapping to the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs office the day after he was allegedly taken.

We got a report of a kidnapping, that Reynaldo Hernandez was kidnapped by force and taken into Mexico, Sheriff Lupe Trevino said.

Family members were questioned, and the case was closed five days later.

Documents on the case show that the kidnapping was re-classified to a welfare concern.

We went as far as making a welfare report which is more than we should have done really, Sheriff Trevino told Action 4 News.

Trevino said Hernandez went willingly across the bridge and that no crime occurred on U.S. soil.

Classifying Kidnappings

Action 4 News contacted a kidnapping expert, Rich Roth, to find out whether the case was reported appropriately.

Is it a kidnapping, yes, was it a kidnapping that goes unreported? Yes it is a lot of times here in the Valley, Roth said.

A report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety said cartel related crimes like kidnappings often go unreported.

In fact, if cartel related crimes were reported differently, Texas would most likely lead the nation as a direct result of Mexican cartel and gang activity along the border and throughout the state.

There probably are some cases that go unreported, the problem is if they go unreported, how can you quantify the? Sheriff Trevino said. You can TMt.

Roth said there are many kidnappings in the Rio Grande Valley that end with murder in Mexico, but those cases can slip through the cracks.

There TMs this crime of drug on drug that they really have to define as being a crime, it TMs almost a terrorist type incident because it terrorizes the people around the community, Roth said.

Justice for Hernandez

Family members of Hernandez said they believe his case is not being investigated because he was involved in cartel activity.

We posed this final question to Sheriff Lupe Trevino, ~Was Hernandez kidnapped? TM

The bottom line is we do not have a kidnapping in this particular case that occurred in Hidalgo County, Trevino said.

The alleged kidnapping case is closed.

We just don TMt know who to go to, too solve this case, an anonymous family members said.