Passenger of bus crash wants compensation

Oscar Morales of Brownsville was headed back home after working in Houston when he says his life passed before his eyes.

"The driver couldn't avoid the truck and he crashed into a light pole," said Morales.

He was in a Valley Transit Company bus headed south when a truck attempted to cross the highway in front of them.

The truck sideswiped the bus as the driver allegedly tried swerving to miss it, sending the bus and the 25 people on board off the roadway and right smack into a pole.

"Everyone started screaming, it was a horrible experience, said Morales.

He was sitting across from 53 year old Juanita Lopez Perez of Matamoros who died on impact and said he saw her slumped over her seat.

Morales found a way out of the bus through a hatch in the roof and then pulled the other passengers out to safety.

He feels lucky to be alive, escaping with no major visible wounds, but said he has pain in his eye area as well as his spine.

He's blaming the truck driver who swiped the bus, but has also filed suit against the driver of the bus saying he didn't control his speed and did not take proper precautions to stop the bus before coming in contact with the other vehicle.

"Yes, the driver could be blamed for this because of the speed he was going and he didn TMt take proper precautions to stop in time, said Morales.

Alex Begum is representing Morales and another passenger from the bus.

Begum says the entire ordeal could have been prevented and it's something he is prepared to prove in court.