Passenger seriously injured in Port Isabel car crash

One person is seriously injured and remains hospitalized after a car crash in Port Isabel.

According to Port Isabel police, 20-year-old Rudy Casares of Weslaco lost control of the F-150 she was driving and hit a traffic pole at the foot of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway.

She had a laceration to the head which might have occured when the vehicle ran into the pole, said Port Isabel Police Chief Wally Gonzalez. I don't know at this time if they were wearing seatbelts.

Chief Gonzalez said the group was heading to South Padre Island.

Four females were in the back and another in the front with Casares.

Gonzalez said that person was holding a 2-year-old girl on her lap.

I think the roads were a little bit slick from the rain and the driver must have lost control, said Gonzalez.

The victim,19 year-old Jaqueline Delgado of Harlingen, is at Valley Baptist Hospital in Brownsville. She is in critical condition. The other five passengers including the 2 year-old girl were treated and released.

However, Casares is facing serious charges.

We brought her in for a test and she refused the breathalyzer here, said Chief Gonzalez. Then she was driven to the hospital where a blood test was done.

Chief Gonzalez said results show Casares did have a lethal amount of alcohol in her blood.

She has been charged with six counts of vehicular assault and one count of injury to a child.

Casares bond is set at $330,000.