Patient speaks out about urologist accused of money laundering

A Vietnam vet from Harlingen visited Veteran's Alliance Health Center because of health problems just about a year ago.

It was then that the VA directed him to one of the few urologists in the Rio Grande Valley that accept VA patients, Dr. Hossein Lahiji in McAllen.

"As far as a surgeon and a doctor he was excellent," the veteran said.

However, he said there was something different about his visit.

I went there for a urology visit and for someone to give us a copy of the Koran and tell us how good the Muslim religion was - was shocking to me," the veteran said.

Then he discovered more shocking news.

On Friday, Action 4 reported that Dr. Lahiji, his wife and a cousin are indicted and charged with conspiring to defraud the United States government and money laundering.

"It's just hard to believe that someone that I had an everyday business relationship (with), the veteran said, would be -basically be helping the enemy."

The indictment states that Lahiji and his wife allegedly funneled $1.8 million to Iran through a children's organization operating as a tax-exempt, non-profit.

U.S. authorities state in the indictment that the money was being distributed to Iranian companies.

"If someone is accepting money from the us government to perform a service for them then they shouldn TMt be committing treason at the same time."

This veteran said the surgery that Dr. Lahiji performed on him was a total success and hasn't had any problems since, still the Vietnam Veteran said if found guilty, Lahiji should face the law to its full extent.