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      Pay gap between Texas troopers, managers grows

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The pay gap between Texas state troopers and managers in the Department of Public Safety is growing, despite a decade of calls by the state auditor to increase officers' salaries.

      The Austin American-Statesman reports Sunday the more than 3,500 officers who work for the state have seen little increase in their base pay.

      Meanwhile, more than 79 managers in the department earn $100,000 a year or more, up from about 12 in 2009.

      The mid-range pay for a state trooper is just over $61,790 annually, compared to a median salary of just over $74,700 for an Austin city police officer.

      State troopers' salaries are capped at that level after 20 years of service. Veteran city officers can exceed $95,000 a year.

      The state Legislature determines the salaries of state troopers.