Pay It 4Ward - Breast cancer survivor receives gift for selflessness

Pat Perez didn TMt just beat breast cancer nearly two years ago, she turned her story of survival into a movement to inspire others.

She heads up a group and coordinates activities in support of cancer awareness and detection.

Terry Lamas is a friend and long time colleague of Pat TMs at the Brownsville Independent School District.

Lamas told Action 4 News that she believes Pat makes a worthy nominee and a shining example of a person who truly wants others to succeed in life.

"She just brings joy to my life and to the people around her," said Lamas. Were so grateful for everything that she does and everything she inspires us to do.

A fake staff photo shoot was set up so Perez could be ready for the surprise from her co-worker.

"I'm looking for Pat...I have to give you a hug first of all... Congratulations... I understand you're a breast cancer survivor which is wonderful news, said Ryan Wolf. I'm here because somebody thinks you're incredibly special... And that you inspire her every single day... I want to bring her in right now."

Pronto Insurance awards the Pay It 4Ward prize.

I hope this story inspires other people to get out there and get tested for cancer," Laura Varela, with the Pronto Insurance Income Tax Division said. It gives us great pleasure to be able to award you these $400 to Pay it 4Ward."

Terry: "You're just an inspiration... Words cannot express how I feel for you. I want to give you 400 dollars to Pay it 4Ward.

Pat: I was ready to take a picture with the group so I had no idea.

Ryan: Pat, I see you are tearing up.

Pat:'s hard... it was hard... I went through a hard time and my B.I.S.D. family was there for me... so I really appreciate everything they do for me."

It is clear that the people that came together to honor Pat are part of a special family and each had a story about how she had brought them together.

Every day she comes to work with a positive attitude, said B.I.S.D. Superintendent Dr. Carl Montoya. She really inspires all of us... She has a sense of humor... And sees things everyday in a positive way."

We're all here to support Pat... she does so much for us, said Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. Without even thinking's whatever's best for us... she's willing to do."

Ryan: Pat, this is your money to keep because you inspire others through breast cancer detection to get screened. You bring out knowledge through your story of survival and we can't think of somebody who embodies this award more than you for those efforts.

Pat: Thank you... well Relay for Life is coming up... and that's where this [$400] is going."Her victory and selflessness is one way of giving back to help others beat cancer.

Pat: "Pat-Pay it 4ward!"

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