Pay it 4Ward - Radio host rewarded cash for kindness

Weekday mornings Hector Lepe hits the airwaves on La Ley 102.5.

The BMP radio personality known as El Zorro mixes humor with humanity.

He dedicates part of the show solely to helping others.

It's a job his co-host, Denisse Garcia, a.k.a. La Ronca, says he takes very seriously.

"He puts himself in the shoes of other people," she said.

Last December Hector donated his mobile home to a family of 7 who lived in substandard conditions.

Denisse says he took it off the market to personally help the family in need.

"Most of the time if he doesn't have the means... He'll find a way between our sponsors... Our boss... And he'll make it happen," she explained.

Then there's the time talk show host donated toys and food to a child of an abused single mother, according to Denisse.

She says Hector selflessly gives back to others all the time.

"If there were more people like him... The world wouldn't be the way it is," Denisse said.

That's why she wants to Pay it 4Ward.

"This is my way to thank him and let him know that everything he does... We appreciate that."

Pronto Insurance hands her the Pay it 4Ward prize.

"It sounds like your morning co-host... Goes above and beyond the call of duty... That's what Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News are all about... So here's $400 for you to Pay it 4Ward," Domingo Reyna, district manager said.

In order to surprise the Hector, Denisse had her co-host come back to work on Thursday afternoon under the impression there was a work meeting on the show's ratings.

Action 4 News was in the studio when Hector arrived.

Ryan: "Are you Hector? I'm Ryan Wolf from Action 4 News... And I'm here to surprise you because somebody here thinks you're an amazing co-host."

Denisse: "On behalf of Action 4 News... And Pronto Insurance... I'm Paying it 4Ward for all the good work you do. Here's $400."

Ryan: "That money's yours!"

Hector: "For real?" Thank you!"

When asked what motivates him to go the extra mile, Hector talks about his humble beginning.

"Three or four years ago I fixed my papers in this country... And when I come back to Mexico from the United States... I don't have nothing... No house... Nothing," he said.

He never forgets his struggles.

Perhaps that's why he tries so hard to turn people's problems around.

"If you want to help somebody out... You can do it," he said. "You never think somebody is going to pay you... So just do it!"

Hector's boss sings his praises too.

Mario Facundo couldn't be more proud to see him recognized.

"This guy takes the time... If it's after work... And willing to help out anybody... It's amazing to see people like that," the station's operation's manager said.

So what will he do with his Pay it 4Ward prize?

Hector already has plans to help others and himself.

"It's a guy... He died... He's from Guatemala... So it's $100 for this family... And the other $300 is for my clothes, shoes... new hat and everything else," he said.