Pay it 4Ward - Recipient tries to flee during surprise

Pronto insurance's income tax division and Action 4 News team up to recognize selfless acts of kindness with cash.

This week TMs Pay it 4Ward recipient, Leticia Rincon, was in for the surprise of her life, but surprisingly wanted nothing to do with her reward.

Ryan: Are you Leticia, Leticia come here very quickly. I TMm Ryan Wolf from Action 4 News. How are you?

Leticia: Fine...

Ryan: I'm here because this guy right here has something very special to tell you.

Leticia: No."

Nobody was prepared for her to flee.

But even before the Pay it 4Ward $400 prize is rewarded, there's the nomination from a man who lost hope.

"Chest pains... It just felt like my heart was going to explode," Fernando Davalos explained.

Out of work in 2009 and rapidly gaining weight, Fernando found even the simplest tasks to be a great burden on his once 600 plus pound frame.

"It was real hard, he said. It was real hard." With the inability to find work, depression set in for him.

Doctors warned Fernando he could die from medical conditions resulting from his obesity.

He didn TMt care.

"I just wanted to end it."

But just when all hope was lost, Fernando said an angel stepped into his life.

It was during a chance encounter last year with his mother TMs home health care provider, Leticia Rincon.

"She just said don't think that you're not special... Weight goes and comes... Life isn't something that god gives out freely," he said.

Her talk turned to action and she helped Fernando qualify for disability and shed nearly a hundred pounds.

Leticia is credited with his renewed push to live and his total transformation of mind, body and soul.

"She'd call me...And ask how I'm doing... What am I doing... She'd ask if I'm going to my doctor's appointment... Everyday just making sure. "

It's Leticia's selflessness that Fernando wants to reward.

Pronto Insurance had the Pay it 4Ward Prize.

Fernando, we're very happy that you found an angel in your life... To bring inspiration to you... So for that reason, Pronto Insurance, the income tax division and Action 4 News want you give you $400 to Pay it 4Ward," Laura Varela said.

Leticia thought she was doing a visit with Fernando TMs mother on Thursday afternoon.

When she saw Action 4 News inside, she tried to leave.

It wasn TMt until Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf shared with Leticia the true impact she TMs made in Fernando TMs life that she stopped long enough to accept her $400 Pay it 4Ward reward.

Ryan: "How does it make you feel knowing that you've changed somebody's life? Letty: I don't know... I'm in shock right now... I didn't expect this from him... Or anybody... I work for people... This is what I do because I care for them... I don't do it because I'm going to get anything in return."

Fernando: "I TMm sorry that I tricked you into being here but this is the only way I could get you here."

Letty: What is going on... I really hate this... I don't even take pictures... He knows that... I am very surprised... And thank you Fernando."

Leticia Rincon proves how kind words can change lives.

It's one more way to"Pay it 4Ward.

Fernando has assured Action 4 News he has every reason to live.

A true pay it 4ward recipient, Leticia has no plans to use any of the $400 prize on herself.

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