Pay it 4Ward - Winter Texan's fight against hunger rewarded

When the Mission Food Pantry's shelves are empty, Ed Langlais is hard at work. "He carries a can around full of money," Marilyn Ward said. Ed TMs work has filled many rooms with food. Marilyn Ward says he inspires hundreds of other Winter Texans at El Valle del Sol in Mission to give back through food donations, sometimes several times a week. The donation push occurs all winter long, according to Ward. "Just because he's such a good man... That's all there is to it," she said. Marilyn wants Ed's selfless acts of kindness to be rewarded. Pronto Insurance has the Pay it 4Ward prize. "Ryan, we love to hear stories of people helping the community," Laura Varela, Income Tax Division at Pronto Insurance said. "Battling hunger is a big need in the Valley... here's $400 to Pay it 4Ward." Ed's wife Dolores helps Action 4 News surprise him outside his home. Ryan: "I'm Ryan Wolf from Action 4 News... How are you sir?" Ed: "I recognize you." Ryan: "I'm here because we hear that you do phenomenal things for this community." Marilyn: "On behalf of Pay it 4Ward... Channel 4 and Pronto Insurance... You're the proud recipient of the Pay it 4Ward prize... Put out your hand... 1... 2... 3... 4 hundred... For all the good work you do for the food bank Ed." Ryan: "Tell me how you're feeling?" Ed: "It's hard to talk." Ed can't fight back the tears. Flashbacks to his childhood shed light on his hunger to help. He's one of 7 children. "There were times where we hardly had enough to feed our family," he explained. Yet others without in the community, he says, were fed. It left a lasting impression on him, even to this day. "I never forgot that... And I came down here and saw the need... And that's the least I can do." Even when he leaves for the summer, Ed makes sure food pantry shelves get stocked. He set up a bank account for action from donations year round. "It's just a joy... I don't know how to explain myself," he said. That joy is shared by the Food Bank RGV, which services food pantry's across the Valley. Ruby Martinez, spokesperson for the Food Bank, awards Ed a certificate of appreciation. "There are so many times that our own shelves are empty...And just 1 person makes a huge difference...And thank you... Thank you for Paying it 4Ward," Ruby said. Earlier in the day, Ed tried to nominate a food pantry volunteer for the Pay it 4Ward prize. He never imagined he would be the recipient. His wife Delores knows his dedication to fight hunger best of all. "His car was full yesterday... This morning he took it to the food pantry... It was great," she said. "It's proud day for this park... It's a proud day for the Food Bank RGV... And it's proud day for Action 4 News and Pronto Insurance to say congratulations Ed... Well deserved my friend... Well deserved," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said. Collecting food for the hungry is just one more way to "Pay it 4Ward."Click here to nominate someone for Pay it 4Ward.Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook page.