Pay it 4Ward - Wish comes true for woman wanting to repay neighbor's kindness

Laura Braun-Guerrero will never forget the medical nightmare her newborn endured.

"She had to be emergency lifted to Corpus Christi to Driscoll's Hospital, she said.

Medical complications with little Karolina TMs breathing forced Laura and her husband Jose to quickly leave Harlingen in October 2010 to be by their daughter's side.

But before they left, a family stopped by who lives upstairs from their Harlingen apartment.

"At the time she was born I was starting to lose my faith a bit, Laura said. And they totally brought it back."

At the time they were strangers.

The kind of people you just say hi and bye too.

But this time their relationship was different.

"Prayer... They put their arms around us and they offered us prayer, Laura said. It was the most incredible thing I have ever been a witness too."

The prayer led to friendship.

They were given money for their trip.

Their neighbors even personally visited Karolina TMs hospital in Corpus Christi while she was away for weeks.

When Karolina was finally able to come home, more money was waiting for them.

Hundreds of dollars were raised through a fundraiser held by their neighbors named Abel and Aleyda Gorena.

Laura nominated the Gorena family as this week TMs Pay it 4Ward recipient.

"I have been praying for some method... Some way that I could pay them back, Laura said. They totally deserve for someone to Pay it 4Ward to them."

Pronto Insurance presented Laura with the $400 Pay it 4Ward prize.

On behalf of Pronto Insurance, the income tax division and Action 4 News| It's our pleasure to be able to help you Pay it 4Ward to such wonderful neighbors, Laura Varela said.

Ryan: The whole gang is ready to surprise Abel... He has no idea we're here... He actually thinks he's helping Jose Guerrero move furniture... but we really have the Pay it 4Ward prize for him.

Once Abel answered the door, Action 4 News stepped in.

Ryan: Are you Abel?

Abel: Yes.

Ryan: Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News... How are you?

Abel: Alright.

Ryan: I'm here my friend not because of a couch, but because of something different. Laura has something very special that she wants to share with you."

Laura: On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News, I'd like to give this to you to pay it back... $100, 200, 300, 400! Thank you for everything you've done for my family.

Abel: Thank you... I'm just shocked. With this... I'm just humbled by this... I didn't know I was going to get this... Wow!"

Ryan: "The prayer|The hope| You've given them a chance to keep the faith. What made you help?

Abel: I just felt in my heart that it was something I needed to do... And I just think that everybody has it in their heart to do so... You just got to get out of your comfort zone... And just do it... And it's something I did."

For Abel, it's about putting others first, and even though he's fallen on tough times after losing his job, he still finds time to offer help.

Ryan: No couch today... Just cash.

Abel: I'm just surprised... Very, very surprised! I think I'm blushing... Just very surprised! Thank you Pronto Insurance and Channel 4 News... Some of this will probably go back to charity... It's just the way I feel... And I'll take the rest and give it to my wife.

Ryan: Smart man, Abel!" Giving neighbors hope is one more way to Pay It 4Ward!

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