Pay it 4Ward - Woman who knits for kids facing challenges surprised with $400

A Brownsville woman designs stylish hats, colorful dresses and dazzling jewels for Barbie dolls that you won't find in any store.The unique looks are hand-made by Verla McGlumphy to help children facing unimaginable challenges."The hope is they'll comfort children in very discomforting times," Joan Hobbs said.Joan plays Bridge with Verla.The two have become friends over the years.She's watched in amazement how Verla works magic with yarn.Verla makes doll clothing and accessories for girls and teddy bears for boys.The finished products are then delivered to police stations, fire departments, orphanages and women's shelters so they can be distributed to kids who may need smiles."I think she sees it in her heart to do good," Joan said.Joan wants to Pay it 4Ward.She says her friend's selflessness inspires her."I wanted to Pay it 4Ward because I think the project is such a meaningful project," she said. "Every Thursday night I watch it [Pay it 4Ward] and I look forward to it... And every Thursday night I think of Verla."Pronto Insurance has the Pay it 4Ward prize."Children are our future," Laura Varela, spokesperson with Pronto Insurance said. "And the fact that she [Verla] does this to put smiles on the children's faces makes us very happy... On behalf of Pronto Insurance, the Tax Division and Action 4 News... Here's $400 to Pay it 4Ward."Verla is surprised at her mobile home in Brownsville.Joan called in advance and told her to be home so that she could deliver yarn for her project.She has no idea Action 4's Ryan Wolf is actually with her for the Pay it 4Ward surprise.Ryan: Are you Verla?Verla: Yes. Ryan: I'm Ryan wolf from Action 4 News. Nice to see you. You looked surprised to see me.Verla: Well I am.Ryan: I'm here because we had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the work that you do that inspires your friend Joan here... And she wants to tell you something very special.Joan: Verla you have been such an inspiration to me.Verla: Well... Thank you!Joan: Put out your hand. $100, $200, $300, $400... You're the nominee for this week on Pay it 4Ward.Verla: Oh! I don't know what to say! I'm just speechless.But Verla isn't shy about sharing why she dedicates her time to knit for kids."It's something that I want to do," she said. "I just feel like I'm doing a little bit... Cause I'm 82... I'll be 83... I can't go out and work or anything."So instead she works at home.Friends supply the yarn and Barbie dolls.Verla preps the dolls and styles each one with love."They all get washed... They all get shampoo... I use conditioner in them... Braid their hair... Cut it off... Whatever has to be done," she explained.Verla hopes her creations help bring joy to kids who face unimaginable challenges.The work brings her plenty of smiles."I just hope they enjoy them."Joan gives Verla a hug for all the wonderful work she does.It's the kind of work that proves you're never too old to do good."Pay it 4Ward!"Click here to nominate someone for Pay it 4Ward

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