Pay it 4Ward " Girl with Leukemia collects toys for sick children

While most 8-year-old girls this time of year are listing what they would like under the Christmas tree, Gabby Gonzalez has been collecting toys for sick children who won't be home for the holidays.

"A lot of these children can't be with their families on Christmas... and I just think it's wonderful that because of her these kids will have something to smile about this Christmas season," Joanna Duenez said.

Joanna read about Gabby's incredible mission on Facebook.

The call to join "Team Gabby" in support of kids at Driscoll, Vannie Cook and Make-A-Wish centers in South Texas inspired her.

"She's so wonderful, caring... giving... A beautiful little soul... A little angel," she said.

On the outside, Gabby may seem like an ordinary girl with sparkly, light up shoes, but on the inside, she's a fighter.

Diagnosed with Leukemia AML in July, the 3rd grader has refused to give up.

She's had to undergo months of chemotherapy and lost her hair as a result.

Most days are spent away from her Santa Rosa home and instead at Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi for treatment.

Joanna nominated Gabby as the next Pay it 4Ward recipient for her selfless desire to help other children.

It comes with a $400 prize from Action 4 News.

"This $400 is for Gabby because I'm paying it 4Ward so she can have a very Merry Christmas," Joanna said.

"I've got the $400 right now," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said. "Gabby has no idea we're going to surprise her... Lets go Pay it 4Ward!"

Gabby's face lights up with joy when her name is called out by Ryan Wolf.

It's apparent she's not just surprised but eager to collect the cash.

"$100, $200, $300, $400," Ryan said. "Somebody wanted to Pay it 4Ward and tell you... You're an amazing little girl!"

The shock on Gabby's face is priceless.

Her Dad is overwhelmed with joy.

Genaro Gonzalez, Jr. knows his daughter is extra special.

"As an adult... As a father... You're supposed to teach your children... And here I am learning the lesson from my own daughter," Genaro said.

The lesson from Gabby can be summed up in just four words.

"To make them happy," she said.

She's referring to the 400 children who are hospitalized that will be getting a toy.

Gabby says every one of them deserves to smile.

You can't help but notice hers.

"I see a really big smile on your face," Ryan said.

Gabby doesn't know yet what she wants to do with her Pay it 4Ward $400 reward.

"You can't think of anything, huh," Ryan asked?

"No," Gabby responded.

"But you're going to keep I, huh," Ryan asked again?

"Yes," Gabby said!

And while some things are still unclear to her, Gabby does know what she wants to say to other kids who just want to be like everyone else.

"To stay strong," she said.

Gabby Gonzalez, the girl with a holiday heart of gold.

"Pay it 4Ward," she said!

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