Peitas family's $4,000 tax refund, social security cards stolen

One of Cindy Rostro's children whose birth certificate was in the stolen wallet

The social security cards and birth certificates of Cindy Rostro's children are now gone. Rostro said the documents, along with $4,000, were inside her wallet. That wallet was stolen at the Mission Walmart off Shary Road on Monday. "When I turned around, the purse wasn't there," said Rostro. Rostro said she just got the big amount of money from a tax refund check. "I was going to buy my son and daughter some clothes, some food," said Rostro. The clothes now have to wait and so may the food. Rostro said her food stamp card was also inside the stolen wallet. "I am really worried," said Rostro. Rostro said the wallet was taken from a grocery cart seat. She said her baby girl was sitting right next to it the whole time. The children's important identification documents have Rostro most worried. "What if somebody else uses it, and they do a crime?" asked Rostro. Rostro now waits for police action. "I've been calling, putting messages and the investigator won't answer back my calls," said Rostro. After Action 4 News went to Mission Police, they immediately went to the Walmart. Thursday afternoon they said they looked through surveillance video but have yet to find a suspect. Police said they are working with Rostro to make sure her and her children's identifications are safe. If you would like to help the Rostro family in their time of need, email
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