Pencil attack in middle school feared to be gang related

Alamo middle School

A photograph shows multiple cuts covered in scabs on a boy's arm.

"It hurt my son," Eleazar Garcia said.

The injuries are the direct result of a pencil attack at school.

"I was pretty upset," Eleazar added. "I got angry."

His 7th grader was stabbed multiple times last Monday in the locker room at Alamo Middle School.

It happened after the final bell just before football practice.

An 8th grader is responsible for what the victim's father calls a gang-related attack.

"What they go around asking your kids is they'll ask them, 'Blood in or blood out?'" Eleazar said. "And if you say 'blood out,' meaning you don't want to participate in their gang, they attack you and stab you with a pencil."

The school district admits an incident did take place on the campus and that appropriate disciplinary action has already taken action against the student in question.

However, a spokesperson indicates, this is not gang-related.

In this statement to Action 4 News, school district administration writes in part: "None of the students involved have shown signs of gang involvement or affiliation." It goes on to read, "It was an isolated incident."

Eleazar isn't so quick to believe the district's findings and has pressed charges with the Alamo Police Department.

A juvenile has been arrested and charged with assault, according to an investigator at the police department.

"I've had other challenges with an older son of mine that had similar challenges and he made the wrong decision," Eleazar said. "My younger son made the right decision and now he's being punished for it."

His 12-year-old has missed four days of school.

He's too fearful to return, according to his father.

"I encourage the kids to talk to somebody because we need to know what's going on," Eleazar said. "It's the only way for us to take a step forward and protect them."

The school district encourages students and parents to alert administrators about improper activity.

Alamo Middle School is safe, according to a district spokesperson.

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