Person injured during Hidalgo County home invasion

An Edinburg man is recovering after being hit on the head during a home invasion.

It all happened just before midnight on the 4000 block of Uranus Street near Mile 19 and Doolittle Road.

The owner of the home said he saw six or seven men whose faces were covered with bandanas storm into his home.

The owner, his wife and their two young children were home at the time.

The group of men asked for money, but the owner told them he did not have any.

The group proceeded to hit him over the head with an assault rifle exposing a massive gash on the top of his head.

They then stole the owners 2003 Dodge truck, which was later found completely burned by F.M. 490 and Brushline Road.

The Hidalgo County Sherriff TMs Department responded to the scene. No arrests have been made.

According to authorities, the owner was transported to the hospital to receive care for his injury.

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