Pharr baker, who sweetens recipes with compassion, rises to earn $400

Most bakers rely on staple ingredients for their treats, but Miguel Mireles sweetens his recipes up with a unique blend of compassion for others.

Just ask Nicole Garcia who graduated from Donna High School with Miguel just three years ago.

It meant a lot, said Nicole. It made me feel proud.

Nicole reflected on a moment she will never forget when her 3-year-old smiled in front of her Dora the Explorer birthday cake in September.

The cake wouldn TMt have been possible without the generosity of Miguel at Desserts First in Pharr.

He started a program last year called Happy Cakes.

Underprivileged families who reach out to him or children who are sick in hospitals, get free desserts.

Miguel hands out cupcakes, cookies or cake.

He even changes recipes to help people who need to eat gluten-free or sugar-free desserts. Nicole, a single mother of two, wanted to Pay it 4Ward to a man who rises to the occasion.

He does the cakes out of love, care, kindness and puts everything into it, said Nicole. Even though he TMs going through financial problems.

Pronto Insurance was there with the Pay it 4Ward prize.

This is the first time we TMve awarded a baker for the Pay it 4Ward program, said Domingo Reyna with Pronto Insurance. It gives us great pleasure, on behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News to give you $400.

Ryan: Time to go Pay it 4Ward. I am looking for a Miguel.

It was no surprise to hear Miguel ask if we TMre here on official Food 4 Thought business.

Ryan: Actually I TMm here to for something else. I have some news to share with you.

Miguel: What TMs that?

Ryan: It TMs not good news.

Miguel: It TMs not?

Ryan: It TMs great news! Nicole, come on in!

Nicole: I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for the community. I nominated you for the Pay it 4Ward program. You TMve helped out so many kids| So many families in need.

Miguel: Wow! Thank you guys| I don TMt even know what to say! It TMs an amazing surprise| I appreciate it a lot!

The money couldn TMt have come at a better time for him.

Miguel admits he hasn TMt been necessarily rolling in the dough with sales at his start-up dessert shop.

Still, he wants to give back. It TMs very fulfilling, said Miguel. It keeps me going| It makes this worth it| Cause when they don TMt expect it, like I don TMt expect this| It TMs all worth it| Wow! I TMm holding $400!

Having a sweet heart is one more way to Pay it 4Ward!

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