Pharr city ordinance putting the brakes on new tire shops

Recently the City of Pharr passed an ordinance that placed a moratorium on any new tire business from setting up shop in the Pharr. The problem is where they store them, said Pharr Planning and Zoning Director Javier Rodriguez. Sometimes they store them in the public right of way and it becomes a public nuisance.But that TMs not all----It TMs a haven for breeding mosquitoes in those things, said Rodriguez. Besides the mosquitoes you get the rodents where they accumulate.Rodriguez said the ordinance is not to put anyone out of business---but to make sure these businesses are regulated like any other in the City.At least we can put a regulation for signage, health and safety reasons and the appearance of the community, said Rodriguez.For people like Mario Hinojosa, who owns a tire shop off Business 83, he said he does not like how all of these tire shops are being grouped together.They said it like everybody was the same and dirty, said Hinojosa. That TMs not true---but because of some shops everybody will be put in the same boat.Hinojosa said all of the tires in front of his shop are all taken in at night and those that are not are placed on racks.He said he does not like being grouped with those shops that do not comply with the laws. He said he is happy with the moratorium because that means less competition.