Pharr cracks down on underground parties

Pharr city commission passed a BYOB ordinance

City officials in Pharr are cracking down on underground clubs with a new ordinance.

Pharr police chief Rueben Villescas said his department will not tolerate any unlicensed organization or business that permits alcohol.

The Pharr city commission passed a BYOB ordinance this week, placing restrictions on businesses and events that allow the public to "bring your own beverage."

This will allow them to file information on establishments not licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Villescas made the request to city commissioners after his officers responded to an underground establishment where a large number of teenagers were recently found with not just alcohol but marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and other synthetic drugs.

"A lot of postings don't have their age but they sure looked young, Villescas said.

Thanks to the social media website Facebook, authorities can track the illegal parties.

"We know many times through the social media networks information is posted, Villescas said.

Villescas says the department plans to continue monitoring social media for any future cases as well.

"We do stay abreast of different postings that come within our realm of what we need to investigate, Villescas said.

While Villescas says Pharr PD will do their part to enforce the law, parents need to teach their children the importance of staying clear of drugs and alcohol.

"I don't want to tell parents how to be a parent but parents be extra cautious because in this day in age there is a lot of alcohol and drugs pulling on your sons and daughters to get involved with and we need to coach them to make right decisions, Villescas said.

This is not the first time an ordinance of its kind has been adopted by a Texas city. Austin has a similar BYOB ordinance.