Pharr mother shares son's heroic tale from Iraq

We often hear the sacrifice of service men and women who die on the front lines while defending this country but we don TMt always hear the stories of heroic efforts.

A Pharr woman wants to share how her son saved the lives of his own friends.

"I'm happy, I TMm proud of him, Alicia Palacios said of her 30-year-old son Sgt. Fernando Sanchez.

Sanchez is a Rio Grande Valley native who returned to his Minnesota home just two weeks ago from his third deployment to Iraq.

Last fall, Sanchez escorted the U.S. military out of Iraq serving as a scout.

He and his three man crew drove an armored scout truck ahead of the convoy.

Their job was to detect any road side bombs so the convoy behind them could travel safely.

While many convoys saw danger Palacios shares how her son had two close calls in just one hour.

"He said in a couple of minutes, sir make a u-turn quick, Palacios said. They were going straight to the enemy."

While Palacios has not yet seen her son she said she's happy just knowing he is back on American soil.

"I was so happy he came home alive, Palacios said.

Sanchez currently lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.