Photos released of San Fernando bus hijacking suspects

Authorities have now identified 17 suspects in the kidnappings and murders of 116 bus passengers in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR) identified Jhonny Torres Andrade as the latest suspect.

Investigators reported that he was taken into custody on Tuesday.

The Mexican Army reports that Erik Ruben Zetina-Hernandez and Armando Cesar Morales-Uscanga were arrested on Sunday.

Morales-Uscanga allegedly admitted to participating in the murders and burial of 43 people.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the official count reached 116 bodies but many fear there may be as many as 200 victims.

Only two victims have been identified but authorities are continuing DNA tests to identify the rest.

The first nine suspects in the case were arrested back on April 3rd:

Sergio Crdova-Martnez Julio Csar Lugo-Chaca Jos Mauro Oate-Rodrguez Samuel Moreno-Saavedra Edgar Sosa-Sols o Edgar Sosa Aguilar-Sols Juan Pablo Cabrera-Escalante Elfego Cruz-Martnez Jpiter Almer Cano-Guerra o Jpiter Almer Cano-Sierra Adela Yudith Ochoa-Marmolejo

Authorities seized weapons, military uniforms, vests and metal plates during the incident.

All nine of them area reportedly members of Zetas drug cartel.

The next five suspects were arrested back on April 7th but their affiliation is not clear:

Edgar Ren Mndez-Acosta (a) El Barbas Javier Mndez-San Juan (a) El Tripa Juan Carlos Tovar-Gallegos Juan Carlos Garca-Cabrera (a) El 'oo Miryam Dinora Prez-Alvarado (a) La Marrana

Mexican soldiers arrested the five in Mendez, Tamaulipas where they were caught driving a counterfeit Mexican Navy truck.

Witnesses to the kidnappings told the El Universal and El Norte newspapers that armed and uniformed men stormed the buses demanding to see identification papers.

Many had initially thought the men were officials searching for illegal immigrants from Central and South America but were surprised the men took people who were Mexican nationals.