Pill sold over-the-counter in Mexico used for abortion

An ulcer medication available without a prescription south of the border is being used by some American women as a no questions asked abortion pill.

Cytotec, also known by its generic name misoprostol, is being sold in Mexican pharmacies for more than $150 dollars.

Pharmacist Danny Vela with Lee TMs Pharmacy in McAllen told Action 4 News that some women are misusing it to induce abortions.

"There's no question it's dangerous, Vela said. If it doesn't cause abortion, you run the high risk of birth defects to the child.

The drug TMs bottle, packaging and information sheet are all clearly labeled with a warning that the drug may cause abortions for pregnant women.

But Vela says some women are ignoring those warnings risking their health.

You can cause permanent uterine damage in the woman herself and there's no cure for that, Vela said.

Vela says there are many safe options for woman here on this side of the border.

Lee TMs Pharmacy and other American pharmacies sell the Plan B pill over the counter.

The $50 to $60 dollar pill is used to terminate pregnancies 72 hours after conception.

Under Texas State Law, Plan B is available over-the-counter but must be purchased by prescription for those under 17 years old.

Vela told Action 4 News that some women are misusing misoprostol to terminate pregnancies beyond the 72-hour period that Plan B is used for.

Nuevo Progreso resident Lupita Marquez said women don TMt need to risk their health to terminate a pregnancy.

As a mother of four children with seven grandchildren, Marquez said she favors adoption in place of abortion.

It TMs beautiful being pregnant, Marquez said in Spanish. It TMs beautiful when the baby is moving around inside you and when it TMs born it TMs even better. Very beautiful.