Pilot temporarily blinded by laser pointed at helicopter

Two men faced charges after they pointed a laser at a helicopter flying over Donna.

It happened on Thursday night over an area near Valley View and Nebraska Road.

The extreme light emitting from the laser caused the pilot to take evasive action.

Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department said the pilot went temporarily blinded by the laser.

Border Patrol, DPS and Donna police were able to track down the car from which the light came from.

Investigators pulled over the car with three passengers.

Inside the car, authorities found a green laser.

Margarito Medina Uresti and Eugene Uresti were taken into custody and the third person was released.

Margarito Uresti, 23, was charged with Illumination of Aircraft with a Laser Pointer Impair Operator and Possession of Marijuana.

Eugene Uresti, 21, was charged with Resisting Arrest and Public Intoxication.

Both men received a $5,000 bond.