Pink hair for a cause doesn TMt fly at Mission CISD

Shelby Sanders is missing school after she was sent home because she dyed her hair pink

A Mission High School teen is missing school after she was sent home last Thursday because she dyed her hair pink.

Shelby Sanders told Action 4 News she proudly sports pink bangs every October during breast cancer awareness month.

I color it because I have family members that have had breast cancer, she said. I almost lost my grandmother to it and she is the closest thing I have to another mother.

Sanders decided to dye her hair a few years ago to recognize the battle her loved one went through.

Her dad stands by her decision to support the cause, but Mission CISD officials are sticking to the districts dress code policy that says hair must be a natural color.

She is not doing it out of spite, she is not doing it as a fashion statement, she is doing this because she cares for her family and she cares for these people who have had breast cancer, her dad Michael Sanders said.

School officials told the freshman and her dad she wouldn TMt be allowed back in regular classes until she dyed her hair back to a natural color.

If she didn TMt comply she could still go to school but would have to do class work at In School Suspension (ISS).

Something her dad strongly disagrees with.

He believes his daughter has done nothing wrong and should not be punished for standing for a cause.

They are trying to teach these students how to dress for the future, but I think they are going just a little bit overboard, he said.

School officials declined an interview but provided us with this statement:We are proud of the commitment to breast cancer awareness and other issues that many of our students choose to support in ways that are allowed under district policies.

Students throughout Mission CISD have shown their cause advocacy in many ways this month.

However, the board adopted student dress code/code of conduct is quite specific regarding the issue involved in this case.

The Mission High School administration has made several attempts to reach an accord with the student and parent involved, and is open to continue that process, while adhering to district policies. " Craig Verley, Mission CISD Spokesperson

Even though the district stands by the rules Shelby has no plans of dyeing her hair back this month.

I don TMt just do it for my family. I do it for everybody who has fought breast cancer, Shelby said.

Shelby has already missed two days of school.