Pit bull attack leaves 4-year-old traumatized

Family members rushed little Darleen was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday evening.

The 4-year-old traumatized and afraid of dogs after watching a pit bull attack her grandmother then turning around and biting her in the leg.

The day started off as a daily stroll to a raspa stand but ended, in a terrifying nightmare for this family.

The walk down East 27th Street just outside Weslaco city limits is one that little 4-year-old Darleen will not forget.

The dog was aggressive he was coming to bite us, said Blanca Varela

The dog tried attacking the grandmother, her motherly instincts kicked in as she tried to scare the dog away.

The dog then went for Darleen and biting her in the back of her little leg.

Varela said she gives thanks to God that a neighbor came to help.

He grabbed a baseball bat and hit the dog if it wasn't for that, the bite would have been worse, said Blanca Varela

It's not the first time this pit bull has attacked someone, according to a family member of the victim.

The dog ran toward other kids and then bit a woman.

Neighbors say there's a big problem with loose dogs in the neighborhood.

Oralia Martinez doesn't think the dog should be put down, but blames the pet owner for the attack.

If he loves the dog he should put more protection like a fence, said Oralia Martinez

Darleen was taken to a hospital and is now back in Pre-K classes.

The pit bull was picked up that day by the health department and is now at the Palm Valley Animal Center where he will remain in quarantine for 10 days.

The pet owner can receive a fine of up to $150 dollars if the dog is not current on its vaccinations.