Pit-bull burned with tail cut off moves in with foster family

Claudia Bedon is a bona fide animal lover.

"They mean the world to me," she said.

She's spent the last 4 years serving as a foster family to more than 30 abused or neglected dogs.

"People like that need to be brought to jail," she explained.

But of all the defenseless animals that TMve been harmed, Petey's case is closest to her heart.

"I've never seen something this severe," Claudia said. "It's horrific. It's just bad."

Petey is the Pit-bull found starving in Brownsville 2 weeks ago with cigarette burns and his tail cut off, according to the Laguna Madre Humane Society, the agency that TMs been taking care of the dog's medical needs.

The Brownsville Police Department has opened a case.

Officers are looking for leads into the so-called barbaric attack.

But the abuse couldn't stop Petey from living life, according to Claudia.

"He's a miracle, he really is," she said. "He wants to live. He's full of life."

Claudia says she'll help to ensure Petey eventually gets into a good home.

For now, he still needs months to recuperate at her place in San Juan.

Claudia isn't worried about the expenses because foster families like hers receive help from a rescue network in place across the Rio Grande Valley.

"He's [Petey's] doing biweekly visits to the Laguna Madre humane society," she explained. "They're doing all the vetting for free, all through donations. People are donating everything, his medication, his blankets, his collars."

She says more than a thousand dollars has been raised for Petey TMs care.

It's all part of the support system helping to keep animals like Petey alive.

"Rescuing is like my biggest passion," Claudia said.

It's a second chance at life, thanks to angels on earth.

Anyone who would like to information on fostering animals or to donate money for rescue efforts can contact the Laguna Madre Humane Society at (956) 943-3888.

The Brownsville Police Department TMs Crime Stoppers line is 956-546-TIPS. Click here to find the Laguna Madre Humane Society TMs Facebook PageClick here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter