Pit bulls rescued in animal cruelty case ready for adoption

Ruben Salazar

A group of pit bulls rescued in an animal cruelty case are back in good health and ready for adoption.

Police officers were called to a home at 3124 Southmost Road back in October.

Investigators told Action 4 News that police had received a call that several malnourished dogs were at the home.

Officers found two white pitbulls in a pen without food. The water in their bowl was green in color and had worms in it.

Two brown pitbulls were found malnourished. A fifth pitbull was found alive inside a trashcan.

Investigators told Action 4News that Brownsville Animal Control officers told custody of all five dogs.

Brownsville police arrested Ruben Salazar on animal cruelty charges.

The malnourished dogs were taken to the Brownsville Animal Shelter where they have recovered and are ready for adoption.

Anyone wishing to adopt the animals is asked to call (956) 544-7351.