Pizza Patron courts controversy with "La Ch!#gona"

Pizza Patron is pushing the envelope again with a new pizza name so controversial TV and radio stations can't even say it on-air.

The Dallas-based will be offering the "La Ch!#gona" pizza with 90 jalapeo-stuffed pepperonis topped with diced jalapeos.

The name uses a Spanish slang word that many say is comparable to a derivative of the "f-word" in English but for some, it just means "cool" or "awesome."

The $7.99 pizza will be available in the Rio Grande Valley and other markets staring March 31st.

Although Pizza Patron tried buying advertisting for the new pizza, the company is getting plenty of heat from radio stations that don't want to play the commercials.

Pizza Patron reported that several radio stations across the nation don't want to say the name on air but the company doesn't plan on changing it.

The company fired back on its website, Facebook and other social media outlets calling it "censorship."

Pizza Patron is no stranger to controversy.

The pizza chain drew criticism for accepting pesos as payments and to give free pizzas to anyone who ordered in Spanish during a special one-day promotion back in June 2012.