Planned Parenthood Expansion in Valley with New Clinic

Planned Parenthood has hit some rough patches over the last year or so, with a cut in state funding recently leading to the closure of several sites across Texas.

But with the now implementation of the Affordable Care Act, women are seeing a renewed sense of relief in the form of more help from these facilities.

In fact, the Rio Grande Valley is even receiving a new clinic that will help provide more health care for women.

That includes free check-ups, exams and more.

This morning, Mara Posada, Director of Communications for Planned Parenthood, joined Sunrise to discuss the new facility and more on how the Affordable Care Act will affect women TMs services.

New Planned Parenthood Location:870 E. Alton GloorBrownsville, TXGrand Opening: Friday, October 18th11:30 am-4:30 pm