Plans set to build a drainage system in La Feria

For the City of La Feria flooding has been a constant struggle they've had to learn to live with.

La Feria doesn TMt have a drainage system so water has nowhere to drain out.

The worst case scenario came true two years ago when Hurricane Dolly hit.

"The highway between Santa Rosa and La Feria was closed for 3 months," said La Feria Mayor Steve Brewer. "People couldn TMt travel, those who live in that area were underwater for many - many weeks."

Mayor Brewer told Action 4 he and his commission approved plans to improve drainage.

"We received a grant about a year ago in a study to take care of the flooding of hurricane Dolly, Tio Cano, Mariposa Ranch and the city of La Feria," said Brewer.

The grant only covers the study which is 75 percent complete.

The next step is to finalize paperwork and start applying for more grants to cover the actual construction that could cost about 20 to 22 million dollars according to the mayor.

Although the price tag for the fix may be high Brewer said it's well worth it and long overdue plus, more than just La Feria residents benefit from the upgrade.