Plans to give Harlingen a makeover

Major beautification plan for the city of Harlingen

The city of Harlingen will be spruced up and dressed for success if a major beautification plan for the city plays out accordingly.

A workshop dedicated to improve the appearance of the community was held.

It was free and open to the public.

Those interested chalked out a comprehensive plan for the city's beautification.

"We want people to believe and see that Harlingen is the most beautiful city in the valley and maybe the most beautiful city in the state. said Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell.

The plan is to beautify the city in phases.

Volunteers, city staff and various community organizations will help with the appearance of the community. They will address litter hot spots and identify deteriorated structures, with the end result aimed at attracting more business to the area.

"Mainly we want to focus on the entryways the corridors that lead into the city, said Boswell. As we come into our retail areas, the mall area, the Bass Pro area, everything along the expressway and around the interchange.

The blueprint includes installation of decorative lights underneath overpasses, beautification of pavements, beautification of busy intersections and medians of heavily congested but prominent roads.

"We want to create a good first impression for not only visitors but investors and for our own families as they travel around the community and come back to the community. said Boswell.

Those in charge of the city's beautification will divide into groups.

They will study some of the issues the city faces and meet once a month with recommendations on how to achieve Harlingen TMs makeover; one that will not only provide an opportunity for residents to stop and smell the roses but will bring more green into the area.