'Play Bunny' billboard controversy in Pharr

If you drive southeast on Expressway 83 you might notice a sign just off the Pharr exit advertising

Now, some argue this is an escort service and they find the advertisement offensive.

Action 4 News spoke to both Lamar advertising and the City of Pharr and got their reaction to the billboard.

Louise Betancourt said Lamar has very strict guidelines for anyone who wants to advertise with them.

We allow anyone to advertise with use as long as the copy on the billboard is in good taste, said Betancourt. We don TMt permit these kinds of billboards near churches or school.

He said, in the past, they did not allow these kinds of billboards but now they do.

He said the owners of the advertisement are interviewed and the copy is extensively reviewed before the advertisement is allowed to be placed up for all to see.

As for the billboard Betancourt said, The billboard in question is not advertised as an escort service.

Action 4 News went out into the public to get reaction and many said they really didn TMt see a problem with the billboard|others would rather not comment.

However, Action 4 News spoke to one man who said the billboard did not bother him, but could see how others might be offended.

"You've got to understand...besides us adults there are children in the backseat looking out the windows and we don't know what they're going to think, said Duke Martell of Mercedes. Of course there are some that too young to read...but what about those who do understand?" The City of Pharr told Action 4 News that they are only responsible for the structure when it is being built.

After that, it is up to the billboard owner and advertiser as to what they all on the board.