Playing for a Cause - Edinburg South Middle School students host benefit concert for friend battling brain cancer

Like many girls her age, Stephanie Munoz loves the color pink, hello Kitty and her iPod.

But Stephanie is unlike many of her friends because, for the past five years, she has battled brain cancer.

"We were in Corpus Christi for 2 months while she received her radiation treatments," Ari Munoz, Stephanie TMs mother, said.

Stephanie told Action 4 News it was difficult as she watched her hair fall out and getting the news that she could not go back to school.

"I was actually pretty sad about not being able to go to school," Stephanie said.

But neither of those compared to losing out on something she has grown to love|.playing the violin.

"You play and the music shows how you feel," Stephanie explained.

When Stephanie TMs friends in the Edinburg South Middle School Orchestra learned about her diagnosis|they sprung into action.

"I felt bad because she has a brain tumor and can't play in orchestra, Ivan Garcia said. I figured why not help out?" Garcia is the brains behind the benefit concert for Stephanie. He said, while he has never met her, he hopes this concert shows her just how much she is loved.

"I hope when she hears this concert she'll feel good," Garcia said.

Garcia could not pull this together on his own---he has had a slew of help---145 other students to be exact.

All have put in time making posters, practicing, and even raised $1,000 to give to Stephanie. These kids might be young"gut they are not blind to the financial difficulties Stephanie TMs family has to face.

"We've already raised over 1,000 dollars for the family to help them out," Andrew Maldonado said.

"We need to help pay off the expenses for the family so she get out of the hospital and back playing with the orchestra," Ben Garza added.

In hopes of welcoming Stephanie back soon---her friends leave this message|..

"We love you Stephanie."

The concert will start at 6:30 Tuesday night at Edinburg South Middle School on Freddy Gonzalez.

It is free to the public and the students ask that you make a donation to Stephanie"if possible.

If there are other ways that a person would like to help this family call Patti Kohrt at 507-0164.