Police arrest fake cop in HEB parking lot

Jeremy Garcia // Brownsville PD

Two men are behind bars after they allegedly impersonated a police officer and for possession of drugs.

The incident happened when the victim and his family were driving in the parking lot of the Sunrise Mall.

The Brownsville Police Department said suspects driver Jeremy Dominique Garcia and passenger Raoul Manny Garcia stopped the family.

According to police, Jeremy Garcia tailgated the family in a blue Chevy Impala, and turned on blue and red lights from the dashboard.

The victim stopped his vehicle near a stop sign on FM 802.

As the Chevy pulled up to the family, 18-year-old Jeremy Garcia pulled a black pellet gun and threatened the family.

The men fled the scene, traveling east on FM 802.

Police found the suspect TMs vehicle in the HEB parking lot and arrested both Garcia TMs.

Driver Jeremy Garcia reportedly told police he conducted the illegal stop and pulled the gun on the family.

Authorities arrested 22-year-old passenger Raoul Garcia for possession of dangerous drugs.

A bond is pending for both men.