Police arrest two men in auto theft ring

Brownsville police arrested two men in connection with an auto theft ring operating out of Matamoros.

The thieves, Jose Alaniz and Jose Luis Sustaita targeted Ford F250 and F350 TMs.

Deane Loop is a proud owner of one.

"It has key pad entry and the stupid thing is sometimes I leave my keys in the truck because I have the key pad entry so I don TMt forget where they are in my purse," she said.

But it is a bad habit she may need to break according to police. "These vehicles here recently have been targeted, several vehicles throughout the entire valley have been stolen," Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique said, referring to the trucks.

They believe Alaniz and Sustaita are responsible for over 30 reported thefts within the past month, including 10 in Mission, in one day alone.

"Individuals that have these vehicles need to take extra steps in protecting their vehicle," Manrrique told Action 4 News. "They need to make sure and add some sort of device that will shut off their vehicles and cannot be started."

He said car alarms are not a very secure alternative, a statement Loop agrees with.

"The alarms don TMt seem to work, you hear them at the mall all the time and no one is even paying attention," she said.

Loop was unaware of the auto theft ring, but now she said she will also consider using a steering wheel lock.

Anything, she said, to keep her truck safe, including carrying her keys with her at all times.

"I think I'll start putting them in my bag," she added.