Police: Botched robbery, kidnapping attempt resulted in Alton murder

Juan Jose Caborrubias Jr, Lazaro Olivarez Jr., and Artemio Aguilar Jr. were charged with capital murder

Pumping gas is the last thing 31 year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez did before he was fatally shot in the chest last Wednesday night.

After nearly a week of investigating, police arrested Juan Jose Caborrubias Jr, Lazaro Olivarez Jr., and Artemio Aguilar Jr. Monday night, and charged them with capital murder Tuesday afternoon.

The three men are all 20 and younger and are accused of taking part in a conspiracy to steal a load of marijuana and kidnap a group of undocumented immigrants from a three vehicle caravan Gonzalez was traveling with that night.

Police found non-perishable foods in bulk in the bed of the truck Gonzalez was driving that night leading authorities to believe he was transporting the food to a stash house.

Police believe the drivers in the caravan noticed a red truck tailing them that night and separated.

The driver of the suspicious truck followed Gonzalez to the Aziz gas station off of 5 Mile Line.

There Gonzalez pumped gas, then lingered.

Police believe the driver of the red truck may have been a lookout for his group.

Soon two other vehicles pulled into the gas station, blocked Gonzalez in and Gonzalez was shot through the driver TMs window, in front of his family.

The bullet ruptured his heart, but somehow Gonzalez managed to drive nearly a mile away before dying.

Police believe that none of the men charged today pulled the trigger, but played a part in the botched robbery.

Police are still searching for the shooter.

Investigators tell Action 4 News this shooting is not connected to the fatal shooting that happened in Palmhurst the following day.