Police: Elderly woman jailed for having bundles of pot in her storage room

Police found bundles of marijuana in a home belonging to an elderly woman.

Palmview police said DEA originally showed up at the home looking for a different suspect, but it was a familiar and unusual odor that caught their attention.

Around 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, DEA and Palmview police arrested 73-year-old Hilda Siller.

Police said they found 300 pounds of pot inside her home.

Agents stopped at the home in the Ebony Hollow subdivision looking for a different suspect.

The said Siller allowed them inside to search her home.

That TMs when an agent recognized what he thought was marijuana.

Approximately 23 bundles of pot was found inside a storage room towards the back of the home, according to authorities.

Each bundle was wrapped in cellophane and had a number indicating its exact weight.

It is safe to say that these packages were going to be distributed or they belong to somebody, Lt. Saul Uvalle with the Palmview Police Department said. They are properly weighed. They are not personal use. They are going somewhere.

Siller was charged with a 2nd degree felony for possession of marijuana and was given a $80,000 bond.

Lt. Uvalle said, while the drugs may not have belonged to Siller, she is the homeowner and is still responsible for what is found inside.

Police said the case remains under investigation, and they are looking for the owner of the drugs. Police said even though they have charged her at the state level, she can still face federal charges.